Thank You – Remote Online Notary Form

Thank you for Contacting Us for Remote Online Notarization!

Your inquiry was received on our end and we will be in touch with you soon to discuss your remote notarization needs. 

Below are the Steps to Remote Online Notarization with BR&A:

1) After filling out this form and after initial discussion with you, we will ask that you email your documents to us for review.  This will ensure that we can quickly review and legally notarize the documents for you.

2) We will require pre-payment for your session with us via credit card before BR&A will start to set up your documents for online notarization and set up the notarization appointment. There is a good amount of preparation work by the notary prior to the online appointment to ensure everyone can easily sign the documents legally and create an audit trail for paperwork purposes.  Once we determine we can help you, an invoice will be generated by BR&A and sent to you for secure payment with our processor, Stripe.


The notarization process takes place over a secure ZOOM connection which is integrated with our remote online notarization technology, SIGNiX that we use to facilitate the process.  Once the documents are reviewed for compliance and securely uploaded into SIGNiX by the notary public and prepared for notarization, a meeting notice with ZOOM link will be generated from the system to set up the notarization/signing for all parties.  

When the session starts, the notary public and signer(s) join the ZOOM meeting which is recorded.  The signer receives an email to start signing their documents, which also includes a preliminary knowledge-based ID check prior to being able to sign.  Remote Online Notarization requires a valid U.S. driver’s license, U.S. state ID or U.S. passport.  Once this ID check is completed by the signer, the signer then shares their screen on ZOOM with the notary to start signing the documents in the presence of the notary public.

Once the signer is finished and closes out, the notary takes over and shares their screen for the actual notarization process, which includes signer ID confirmation, notary signing and notary stamp.

Once the session is complete, all parties receive digital copies of the notarized documents as well as an audit trail of the notarization for your records via the email used for the session.

Per Michigan law, where we are commissioned, we are required to keep an audit trail of all notarizations for 10 years, which includes a notary journal of the transaction details as well as a copy of the recorded session.